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Canavalia maritima (20g) In South America and the Gulf Coast of Mexico dried leaves of Bay Bean were considered sacred and designed around the graves of the Mazatec and other tribes. The dried..
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CBD Hemptea Sinsemilla 6%
CBD Hemptea Sinsemilla 6% (5g) ..
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Chaga - Inonotus obliquus (50g) Chaga (Tschaga) was outside Eastern ignored europe for a long time. Only since a few years ago this is also very important us native, medicinal mushroom more and ..
Cocoa Beans - organic
BIO Cocoa Beans (200g) Fermented, unpeeled, sourced entirely from the Dominican Republic - BIO -  AT-Bio-301 non european farm Cocoa beans were far more than just a beloved food for the ..
12.00€ 9.90€
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Cocoa mass - organic
BIO Cocoa mass Mayan Gold Cocoa keeps you happy and healthy!     ..
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Cola nitida (50g) In Africa, the kola nut of great social and ritual significance. It is considered a symbol of solidarity and is regularly eaten in many ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. ..
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Ginkgo leaves
Ginkgo biloba(50g) ..
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Panax ginseng (50g) Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. In Asia this highly-sought after root was regarded as a symbol of health and longevity and could ..
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Gotu Kola
Hydrocotyle asiatica (50g) Gotu Kola is also known as Fo Ti Tien in China. It cleans the body, increases mental accuity and acts as a stimulant. It also has a relaxing effect and increases vitality..
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Paullinia cupana (50g) Guarana is native to the Amazon and Orinoco. Today, the main growing country is Brazil, however it is also grown in Sri Lanka, Uruguay and throughout Central America. Guar..
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Ilex guayusa (50g) Guayusa herb native to the Amazon basin and is drunk by the local indigenous people for centuries as a stimulating tea. By drinking this heavily caffeinated tea, they aimed to ac..
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Premium leaves (100g) Known in China as xiancao or “herb of the immortals”, Jioagulan is a powerful adaptogen that can sooth tired nerves whilst strengthening the immune system against stress. Anci..
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Sceletium tortuosum powder (5g) Kanna was originally used by the Hottentots of South Africa as a stimulant. It is insufflated, smoked or drunk as tea. When the dutch arrived in South Africa and fi..
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Althaea officinalis (50g) Althaea, AKA the marshmallow plant, was originally used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptians. Its usage in Europe is traceable back to the 11th century, when candied pie..
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Erythrina mulungu (50g) The mulungu tree or Erythrina mulungu is also occasionally called the coral flower, because the flowers are colored and shaped in a way similar to coral. Mulungu, disco..
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Minthostachys mollis (50g) The Andes mint or Muña (Quechua) is a medicinal plant that is primarily native to the South American Andes, ranging from Bolivia to Venezuela. This tasty herb is used ..
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Raspberry leaves (50g)
Raspberry leaves (50g) ..
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Reishi Coffee - organic
A beautiful organic coffee, originating from Peru and enriched with the divine mushroom of immortality. A top class product from guaranteed organic sources. DE-ÖKO-001 non-EU Agriculture (Peru) ..
15.00€ 12.90€
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Sassafras Albidum (50g) Sassafras root bark has been drunk since pre-Columbian times by Indians as a stimulating, soothing and healing tea. This tea causes strong stimulation, eroticism, perce..
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Wild Dagga Flowers
Leonotis leonurus (3g) This South African shrub is called wild hemp in its native South Africa. Two different peoples from the region, the Khoikhoi and the Bushmen, use the leaves and flowers as me..
8.00€ 5.90€
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