Reward Points

     What is the Querbeet reward program?

As thanks for your support, and as an incentive for your continued business, we would like to give something back. That is why we have initiated the Querbeet reward program. Our reward program is simpler than it sounds. When shopping on Querbeet Ethnobotany, you are rewarded points for products that you buy from us. Using points made from previous sales, you can pay for any future Querbeet purchases.


  Become a Querbeet member      1€
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  Earning per EUR spent (10%)      0.10€

     The reward program began in mid-June 2014. For all purchases made after this date, points are awarded :)

     How does the program work?

If an order is placed, it’s sum is used to calculate the number of points earned, meaning the number of points rewarded for a particular item is proportional to it’s price. Points are added to your account. All points will be listed on your account and remain "pending" until they are approved/confirmed by the Querbeet Vienna reward points program.

     Acknowledging and crediting the points earned will happen between three and five weeks of purchase. This is a very tedious and time-consuming work and therefore is only done once a month. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Once all the "pending" points are confirmed, they will immediately be credited to your bonus account. From that point, they are at your disposal, ready to be issued whenever you want.

You have to log in to your account to view the status of your points.

     When you reach the billing process, you can pay your bill using your points account.

     Points and values

     Currently, you earn a point for every Euro spent in Querbeet ethnobotany - 1point = €1.00. Each point is worth € 0.10 towards any future Querbeet purchase.

     For example:

               Product Cost: 100.00
               Value of the earned points: 10.00

     Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the above regulations, at any time and without prior notice.


     Redeeming Shopping Points

     If you have a positive balance in your reward points account, you can use these accrued points for the payment of purchases from Querbeet ethnobotany.

During the billing process you will see a box, in which you can enter the number of points you wish to use in the instance. This can be found on the same page on which you select the payment method. You can also click in the box, in which all available points are applied to the purchase. Please note that you will need to select another payment method if your points account doesn’t hold enough points to completely cover the cost of your purchase. Continue the billing process, and on the confirmation page you will find that the value of the points redeemed has been deducted from the price of your order. Once you confirm your order, your reward Points account will be updated and the points used will be deducted from your account balance.

Minimum of points

     Currently, no minimum balance is required, 0 points (0.00 €) to redeem your points. Please note that you will need to select another payment method if your points account can’t cover the cost of your purchase.
We strongly advise you to check this page often as we may make changes to this Regulation.

     Maximum redeem the points for each order

     A maximum of 1,000 points (100.00 ) are allowed to be applied, per order.
     We strongly advise you to check this page often as we may make changes to this Regulation.

     Will I earn points for tax fees?

Yes :)

     Will I earn points for discounted products?

Yes :)

     Will I earn points when the purchase is paid with points?

     Yes :)

     Product Restrictions

     no :)

     Products on sale Restrictions

     no :)

     Terms of Use

         reward points are only for members of the Querbeet Vienna community.
reward points are created by and valid for online purchases of well-loved Querbeet Vienna products.
         reward points are
non-refundable and can not be transferred to other members.
         reward points are non-transferable and can NOT be redeemed as money.
         For canceled orders, all points accrued by that order will be cancelled.
reward points expire after 3 months.

     When shopping with unredeemed points, you MUST select another payment method if your points balance does not cover the total value of your purchase

     We reserve the right to modify this program at any time and to any end ... we ask, and thank you, for your understanding.

     In case of problems

     If you have any questions regarding our reward points program, please contact us. Try to give us as much information as possible when sending your email.

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