Buzzherb Vienna

Neubaugasse 71

1070 Vienna


Tel: 0043 1 941 71 96

Open Monday-Saturday from 10:00-18:00

Since 2005, the ethnobotanical needs of Vienna have been serviced by Buzzherb, a haven for herbalists, a place to find strong plants with striking effects.

Forget the exotic-sounding names and strange locations of origin, our herbs are selected with one thing in mind: effectiveness. From invigorating to relaxing, from aphrodisiac to psychadelic, Buzzherb offers everything you could wish for to fortify the body, mind and spirit.



Buzzherb is a refuge for people who refuse harsh chemical drugs, with their often unpredictable side-effects and short history of usage, in favour of the healing power of nature. A wide range of medicinal, psychoactive and hyper-nutritious herbs can be found within.







Buzzherb offers not only psychoactive herbs, but also seeds, plants, books andsuperfoods”. An example of a superfood is ginseng, which is already known as a soothing herbal energizer to a wide range of the European population.


All products offered are described in great detail. Their origins, historical usage and effects as well as providing preparation instructions and dosage recommendations.




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