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Erythrina mulungu (50g)

The mulungu tree or Erythrina mulungu is also occasionally called the coral flower, because the flowers are colored and shaped in a way similar to coral.

Mulungu, discovered in Brazil, is used as a mild sedative and is renowned for its highly soothing propertie.

Erythrina mulungu is known to stabilise the central nervous system, to treat nervous coughs, nervousness and insomnia. It is also reported to have a postive effect on the liver.

About 2 teaspoons of the herb should simmer for roughly 20mins over a medium heat, then seasoned with a little honey.

Warning: mulungu is a strong sedative and can cause drowsiness. Moreover, mulungu lowers blood pressure and should never be combined with alcohol or marijuana.


Traditional Use: Tea ( 1-3 Teaspoons )


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