Blue Lily

Blue Lily
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Nymphaea caerulea (10g)

The Blue water lily is also known as Egyptian lotus. This aquatic plant is usually found growing on the shores of lakes and rivers, most famously the Nile.

The ancient Egyptians, along with other cultures of the time, considered the plant was sacred and it was reserved for the pharohs.

The effects of the Blue Lily are simultaneously narcotic and euphoric. At higher doses can produce mild perceptual changes and hallucinations. It is also said that the flower boosts sexuality and arousal, giving it a Viagra-like effect.

To make a simple tea, take five grams per person and brew in hot water for a few minutes. To prepare the traditional Egyptian drink, soak the flowers in wine overnight, using roughly five grams per bottle. But be warned: Blue Lotus can make the wine very bitter and tough to drink!


Traditional Use: Vaporize (150-190C), Tea ( 2-4 Teaspoons )

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