Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce
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Lactuca virosa (20g)

The oldest representation of Wild lettuce is in a set of Egyptian grave paintings, which date back to 4500BCE. The lettuce was part of the cult of the god Min, who was worshiped in the Old Kingdom.

Relaxing, dream-like and euphoric both the felt effects of Wild lettuce. and the brain wave patterns produced are similar to opium, due to lactucin, lactucerol and lactucinic acid, the active compounds. However, it is lighter and with the added bonus of being non-addictive.

Lettuce is good for a getting a better night's sleep and reducing restless or nervousness. As a spasmodic it can be used in holistic treatments for whooping cough and dry irritated cough. It relieves colic pains in the intestines and uterus and eases muscle pains associated with rheumatism.

Wild lettuce also has some aphrodisiac properties.


Traditional Use: Vaporize (100-160C) / Tea ( 1-2 Teaspoons )


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