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Ilex guayusa (50g)

Guayusa herb native to the Amazon basin and is drunk by the local indigenous people for centuries as a stimulating tea. By drinking this heavily caffeinated tea, they aimed to achieve the state of extreme alertness and enhanced mental focus they called 'runa'.

When the Kichwa Indians drink Guayuasa, the whole family comes together and the ancients tell the children the myths of their ancestors.

Interestingly, guayusa is also used to to help trigger lucid dreaming and is considered a strong teacher plant. The herb is also often used in conjunction with Ayahuasca brew, where the potent mixture leads to a full night enjoying the visions of the ancestors.

Aside from the high caffeine content, the herb also contains high doses of antioxidants, theophylline and theobromine.


Traditional Use: Tea (2-3 Teaspoons)

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