Guarana PUR

Guarana PUR
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Guarana PUR  (120 capsules ea 500mg)

In Brazil, guarana (Paulinnia cupana) is as popular as coffee and widely used as a stimulating beverage. It is also used as a medicine in Japan and in France as a dietary aid. Guarana powder contains around 4.2% caffeine by weight. The caffeine in guarana is distributes evenly throughout the body and is better absorbed than the caffeine in coffee.


Guarana caps possess the same traits as coffee: they can lift you, boost your energy, diminish your appetite and can stop sleep. In addition, it can affect the effect of ephedra in a positive way.


Take a maximum of 4 capsules in a day. Take with the food to avoid stomach upset.


Each capsule contains 500 mg of guarana. Guarana powder contains about 60 mg of caffeine. Besides caffeine, guarana contains guaranine, theobromine, theofilline, along with proteins, carbohydrates and various minerals and vitamins.


Caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness or heart palpitations. Do not use when pregnant. If stomach or intestine problems occur, the capsules should be taken with food.

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