Morning Glory

Morning Glory
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Ipomea violacea - Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue (10g)

The many of the tribes native to Mexico used the seeds of a plant they knew as Ipomoea (Morning Glory) for magical, as well as medical, purposes. They revered it in Mexico for it’s hallucinogenic qualities.

Piule is the name given to the concoction made from Morning Glory seeds. It puts the person into a state of intoxication similar to that of hypnosis. Past events, long gone and long forgotten, can be brought back to memory. Even truth can purportedly be found through asking specific questions.

The Morning Glory is a creeper vine with branched stems that can achieve a final height of up to 3m. The leaves are pointed and heart-shaped.

During the main growing season, from June to October, the branches explode with colourful funnel-shaped flowers: white, pink, light blue and purple ranging down to a deep violet, that can reach a diameter of 10cm.

The plant is very easy to grow from seed and is strikingly beautiful.

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