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Anadenathera peregrina - Yopo

For many generations, the seeds of Anadenathera Peregrina, a tree native to South America, have been roasted and popped in a similar way to popcorn, then crushed with cooked snail shell ash, a natural source of calcium oxide, to produce a psychadelic snuff.

It had two main roles in tribal society: the shamans used it for visionary purposes, to communicate with the spirits or ancestors, or access other realms of consciousness. It can create deep personal insights, transformations and perceived flight experiences. Hunters used a lower dosage, to increase awareness and sharpen the senses, helping them to track down prey.

The effect of the seed at higher doses is perceived as psychedelic and produce strong closed eye audio-visual hallucinations that, at lower doses, manifest themselves in better hearing and seeing and a strong sense of stimulation.

The dried seeds may be brought and planted to germinate. The tree grows relatively quickly, up to a max heigh of 18m, and is easy to care for.The effect is experienced as psychedelic and generates multi-dimensional vision.


Warning: Use exclusively for study purposes and as visual aids. Not for use in humans and animals.

Keep out of reach of children!

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