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Artemisia absinthium (50g)

The wormwood plant has been used since early human history as a medicinal herb and general health tonic to protect against a wide variety of complaints. It was chiefly used for the production of various alcoholic drinks, and alchemists regarded it as a magical plant.

The effect of wormwood is narcotic, lightly anesthetic, giving a peaceful and relaxing feeling. When taken in combination with alcohol, or in larger dosages, hallucinations might occur. Wormwood tea has a beneficial effect on indigestion, bloating and fever.

1 teaspoon herb can be drawn with water in a cup, not cook. However, the tea has a very bitter taste, which hardly can be avoided. EinPfefferminzblatt in tea does something remedial. To make absinthe, wormwood let 40-50 gr 1 to 2 weeks in half a liter of liquor (eg Pernod) pull.


Traditional Use: Tea ( 1 Teaspoon ) / Alcoholextraction


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