African Dreamroot

African Dreamroot
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Silene capensis (5g)

Indigenous to the fertile river valleys of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Ubulawu is regarded as an important sacred plant by Xhosa diviners due to its ability to impart very vivid and unusual dreams, dreams that include deep insights and prophecies.

Xhosa shamans regard the plant as a type of Ubulawu or medicinal root that they call “Undela Ziimhlophe” which translates literally as white pathorwhite way”.

It is believed that the dream-inducing activity of the root occurs through the activity of a triterpenoid saponin.

The root is reported to be active at relatively low quantities (250 mg) . Although the plant causes a slight alterations in waking state, it’s the effect it has on dreams that is the most profound and enlightening.


Traditional Use: Chew / Eat ( 1/2-1 Teaspoon )


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