Iboga root bark (1g)

Iboga root bark (1g)
Brand: Iboga
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Tabernanthe iboga root bark - (1g powdered)

Iboga is the ground root of the plant Tabernanthe Iboga, which grows in the rainforests of Central Africa. The locals chew on the root to remain alert, but also to get visions of their ancestors. It is well known that the bark of the root contains about 5x as much of the active alkaloid, ibogaine, as the rest of the root.

The root contains, among other active compounds, ibogaine. Ibogaine is active in smaller doses, producing a stimulatant-like effect. However, at higher doses it creates a strong transformative experience. Strong, rapid sequences of closed-eye visuals send the traveller into a kind of dream-like experience, with intense emotional, personal, interpersonal and often even religious or mystical feelings being felt and resolved.

Open-eye visuals, however, hardly ever occur and therefore the effect is not comparable to that of other psychedelics.


Western science has recently come to find iboga to be an effective treatment for serious addictions, especially opiate or opioid addictions, with a very low rate of relapse after iboga therapy.




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