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African Dreamroot
Silene capensis (5g) Indigenous to the fertile river valleys of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Ubulawu is regarded as an important sacred plant by Xhosa diviners due to its ability to ..
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Ayahuasca Vine
Banisteriopsis caapi - Trueno (50g) Banisteriopsis caapi (Trueno) is one of the two main ingredients in the traditional medical and visionary brew Ayahuasca, from the Amazon region. It contains a v..
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Blue Lily
Nymphaea caerulea (10g) The Blue water lily is also known as Egyptian lotus. This aquatic plant is usually found growing on the shores of lakes and rivers, most famously the Nile. The ancient ..
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Calea - Dreamherb
Calea zacatechichi (20g) Calea dream herb is also known as dog grass or calea zacatechichi (`bitter Gras`). It is used by the Mexicans as an appetizer and as a general health tonic. The Chontal..
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Heimia salicifolia (20g) Heimia, also know as “Sinicuichi or “sun opener” is a medium-sized flowering shrub native to Central and South America, with the plant’s native range stretching from Mexico..
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Iboga Fruit
Iboga Fruit - 1pc ..
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Iboga root bark (1g)
Tabernanthe iboga root bark - (1g powdered) Iboga is the ground root of the plant Tabernanthe Iboga, which grows in the rainforests of Central Africa. The locals chew on the root to remain alert, ..
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Salvia Divinorum Leaves
Salvia divinorum (5g) - crushed leaf Salvia was discovered by the Mazatec Indians in Mexico. The shamans of the tribes would use this holy medicine to induce a trance, to travel through the unconsc..
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Vilca Seeds
Anadenathera colubrina - Vilca (3g) For many generations, the seeds of Anadenathera colubrina, a tree native to South America, have been roasted and popped in a similar way to popcorn, then crushe..
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Artemisia absinthium (50g) The wormwood plant has been used since early human history as a medicinal herb and general health tonic to protect against a wide variety of complaints. It was chiefly u..
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Yopo Seeds
Anadenathera peregrina - Yopo For many generations, the seeds of Anadenathera Peregrina, a tree native to South America, have been roasted and popped in a similar way to popcorn, then crushed with ..
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Calea Enhanced
Calea zacatechichi - enhanced (3g) In South America and the Gulf Coast of Mexico dried leaves of Bay Bean were considered sacred and designed around the graves of the Mazatec and other tribes...
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