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Cola nitida (50g) In Africa, the kola nut of great social and ritual significance. It is considered a symbol of solidarity and is regularly eaten in many ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. ..
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Paullinia cupana (50g) Guarana is native to the Amazon and Orinoco. Today, the main growing country is Brazil, however it is also grown in Sri Lanka, Uruguay and throughout Central America. Guar..
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Ilex guayusa (50g) Guayusa herb native to the Amazon basin and is drunk by the local indigenous people for centuries as a stimulating tea. By drinking this heavily caffeinated tea, they aimed to ac..
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Reishi Coffee - organic
A beautiful organic coffee, originating from Peru and enriched with the divine mushroom of immortality. A top class product from guaranteed organic sources. DE-ÖKO-001 non-EU Agriculture (Peru) ..
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Sida Cordifolia
Sida cordifolia seeds (20g)   Sida cordifolia, also called Indian mallow, is a perennial plant and a member of the genus Sida, a subset of the mallow family (Malvaceae). Widely cultivated ..
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Yerba Mate
The drinking of Maté tea in South America is just as widespread as coffee or tea is in the Western world. Maté was traditionally used by the Guarani, a tribal people native to an area that spreads ove..
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Voacanga africana  - Seeds
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