Tagetes / Yauhtli

Tagetes / Yauhtli
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Tagetes lucida (20g)

Tagetes is a classic ethnobotanical herb and was one of the most sacred herbs of the Aztecs. The powdered herb was blown into the faces of victims during rituals before they were burned in the living body.

In ritual ceremonies of the Yauhtli is also called Marigold, used by Mexican Huichol to induce a state of visionary intoxication. It is often used as a additive during peyote rituals.

Tagetes lucida is stunning and mildly psychedelic, and can cause subtle closed-eye visuals. The herb is also drunk as a tea to soothe the stomach, to relax and to feel better after a night of drinking.

Moreover, Tagetes is strongly invigorating, lowers blood pressure - and is an antipyretic, diuretic and digestive aid.


Traditional Use: Eat / Vaporize (180-230C) / Tea (1-2 Teaspoons)


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