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Calea - Dreamherb
Calea zacatechichi (20g) Calea dream herb is also known as dog grass or calea zacatechichi (`bitter Gras`). It is used by the Mexicans as an appetizer and as a general health tonic. The Chontal..
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Canavalia maritima (20g) In South America and the Gulf Coast of Mexico dried leaves of Bay Bean were considered sacred and designed around the graves of the Mazatec and other tribes. The dried..
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Erythroxylum catuaba (50g) Catuaba has a long history of use as a herbal aphrodisiac. The Tupi Indians, who are native to Brazil, were the first to discover that the plant has a powerful effect on ..
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Paullinia cupana (50g) Guarana is native to the Amazon and Orinoco. Today, the main growing country is Brazil, however it is also grown in Sri Lanka, Uruguay and throughout Central America. Guar..
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Ilex guayusa (50g) Guayusa herb native to the Amazon basin and is drunk by the local indigenous people for centuries as a stimulating tea. By drinking this heavily caffeinated tea, they aimed to ac..
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infos to follow soon Traditional Use: Tea ( 2-4 Teaspoons ) ..
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Erythrina mulungu (50g) The mulungu tree or Erythrina mulungu is also occasionally called the coral flower, because the flowers are colored and shaped in a way similar to coral. Mulungu, disco..
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Minthostachys mollis (50g) The Andes mint or Muña (Quechua) is a medicinal plant that is primarily native to the South American Andes, ranging from Bolivia to Venezuela. This tasty herb is used ..
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Tagetes lucida (20g) Tagetes is a classic ethnobotanical herb and was one of the most sacred herbs of the Aztecs. The powdered herb was blown into the faces of victims during rituals before they we..
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Vilca Seeds
Anadenathera colubrina - Vilca (3g) For many generations, the seeds of Anadenathera colubrina, a tree native to South America, have been roasted and popped in a similar way to popcorn, then crushe..
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Yerba Mate
The drinking of Maté tea in South America is just as widespread as coffee or tea is in the Western world. Maté was traditionally used by the Guarani, a tribal people native to an area that spreads ove..
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Yopo Seeds
Anadenathera peregrina - Yopo For many generations, the seeds of Anadenathera Peregrina, a tree native to South America, have been roasted and popped in a similar way to popcorn, then crushed with ..
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Damiana Herb
translation to follow (relatively) shortly ;) ..
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Peyote Cactus
Peyote is a small thornless cactus (Lophophora williamsii), originating from southern Texas and northern Mexico. The plant is a very important religious sacrament in many North and Central American cu..
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San Pedro Cactus
The San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi) is the oldest known magical plant in South America. Growing throughout Peru and Ecuador, at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters, the cactus develops rapidly..
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